Travel Guide to Argentina

Argentina is one of the jewels in the Latin American crown. A vast country stretching 3500 kilometres from the Bolivian border in the north to Ushuaia and the …

24 thoughts on “Travel Guide to Argentina

  1. Carlos Pandis says:

    Without doubt, only United States can barely get close to Argentina in landscape diversity. The Iguazu Falls are way more spectacular than the Niagara Falls; there is no glaciers in Alaska like the Perito Moreno in the South; Napa Valley, in California, pales compared to the province of Mendoza's vineyards; Buenos Aires, of mostly French influenced architecture, where every park has sculptures, some done by Rodin. The list goes on.

  2. Simran Sethi says:

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  3. Joseph Rhodes Hodgson says:

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  4. John Gray says:

    You're wrong, you say Argentina is safe, you're wrong, I'm not Argentinian, but live there.
    It's dangerous for tourists and others, get your facts correct before you open your mouth.
    The ladrones " thieves " don't mess about when they rob you, they Will shoot you even if you hand over your valuables. So anyone thinking to visit here after hearing this video, think more than twice before you do. Oh! By the way, I live here with my Argentinian wife in Cordoba City, I tell you this from experience.

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