Travel Guide to Quebec City

In this travel video guide to Quebec City, I travel around Quebec City including its historic Old Town (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), stop in at the famed Ice …

37 thoughts on “Travel Guide to Quebec City

  1. It's MK says:

    Next year for our Extended French trip at my school, we're going to Quebec and I'm so excited bc I asked my mom last year and she said that I could go bc her dream was to go there so she wants me to experience it but we have to start saving up from now bc it's $700 to go on the trip. All my friends are going as well and we're already planning everything. My friend's birthday is also during the trip so we're going to celebrate ourselves somewhere around Quebec. WE CAN'T WAIT!!!

  2. Tara Acker says:

    This was a great video. Thank you. Now I'm torn. Should I go to Quebec before Christmas (12/21) and see the German Christmas Market or wait and go during February Carnival? I have two kids with me ages 11 and 13. Any tips?

  3. 2380Shaw says:

    It's not a very big city but I still enjoyed visiting Coteau du Lac Quebec on my spring break in March. I thought of visiting Montreal but I'm intimidated by really huge citys

  4. TheMrPacu says:

    President Charle deGaulle wanted to have free Quebec State, is't it? Crimea does't want to be part of Ucraina, the same is about Qubec versus the British Condominium.

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