Uzbekistan (Asia) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about destination Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan is a country with thousands of years of history and contains all the magic of the Silk Road, as well as …

30 thoughts on “Uzbekistan (Asia) Vacation Travel Video Guide


    Maa Shaa Allah. Watched video till the end. The team has taken much pain for making such a valuable video. The voice of the presenter is very sweet. Thanks to entire team and Best Wishes from Sheep and goat Academy,Hyderabad,India

  2. Jon Am says:

    The best brief documentary that I have ever seen! Thank you so much! Central Asia was the center of the world knowledge for centuries where many Persian scientists were born. It is amazing that many Persian architecture and poetry have been preserved! I shall visit this place after the virus. Peace to the world from the US.

  3. BU Khan says:

    I wish muslim all over the world would understand how skilled and well minde thought.Today others have chosen every art & skill engineering from our hands and given weapons to destroy ourselves.we have to think a lot about overselves.God willing for future generations please.

  4. smikl Khan says:

    I didn't know that it was a propaganda type of documentary. You are so boys that whenever you talk about Aamir's and khan's of the area you are are designed to tell the lies of their cruelty and their Harams 😊 what kind of threats they were facing ? Genghis Khan ? Ever expanding Russia ?
    Grow up from yours stereotype mentality.

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