Vancouver Travel Guide

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44 thoughts on “Vancouver Travel Guide

  1. Audrey Aitken says:

    When it comes to tipping if using the percentage…do NOT click 20% unless the service was unbelievably good because the % is on the WHOLE bill which has taxes and if you had a few beer, a bottle of wine and/or cocktails those taxes add up and why tip on taxes! If you do click the % an amount of the tip will appear and I believe you can change it, or if you have to click cancel and start again 😉

  2. Marcelo Nunes says:

    If you are visiting BC for the natural wonders, I understand, but compared to Montreal, all other cities in Canada are so boring! You need one day to visit Vancouver, one day for Ottawa, one day for Québec City, one day for Niagara Falls, maybe two for Toronto, but if you take two weeks it is still not enough to enjoy all that Montréal has to offer!

  3. roof pizza says:

    I was born in Vancouver and now live elsewhere. Not only has the city grown exponentially since I've been gone I still love to take a deep breath of fresh air upon arrival. It's quit unique.

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