Vermont Travel Guide – The Green Mountain State

For licensing or stock footage of this video of Vermont contact We travel to Vermont and show this beautiful state from the …

46 thoughts on “Vermont Travel Guide – The Green Mountain State

  1. Problematic Misstatement la Delusion la Collusion says:

    Wow! A partiarchy with computers everywhere monitoring everything. We didn't become that focus on pure innocence world (did we?). I think the republican speech-writers always stayed true to something worse. Don't fish. You might skin yourself. Having equalized the right to free speech: why waste a good thing? I'm this age's savior.

  2. Will says:

    Absolutely amazing video! Your aerial shots were beautiful! I live in Vermont and enjoyed your very thorough overview of the state. You even mentioned some of my favorite places and one of the aerial shots had my home in view. I can't wait to watch more of your videos!

  3. m phil says:

    Vermont is basically a one Demographic population and needs more DIVERSITY to match its Libtard mentality: I suggest all the illegal immigrants coming across the border and new Afghan immigrants get a chance to start their new lives in good old VERMONT. Dotard JOE should lead this invasion into pure culture VERMONT. Cmon man what to you say !!!!!!!!

  4. Patricia Hough says:

    I lived in Vermont for 20 years and I love it. The town of Peacham is where I resided for the majority of those years. It’s called the most photographed town in VT and definitely a place to visit!

  5. Nancy says:

    What an incredible video! The drone views and all of the informative narration really made me feel like I was there! My husband and I went to New England years ago and fell in love with Vermont, particularly. I wish we were younger and could move there. You did a great job with this video. Thank you!

  6. kevin g says:

    I moved here in 1976, there have been many changes .but thankfully much remains the same. Your video is the best I have seen on Vermont. Next time check out the Mad River Valley a much quainter version of Stowe and the Champlain Islands a true gem.

  7. Kim Caldwell says:

    I was born and raised in Vermont, but I have not lived there since 1977. I recently went back home to visit family, and yes, it was beautiful. But, they are very, very liberal politically, and basically a socialist state. I could never live there again. It is very expensive to live there because they are afraid to let in industry.

  8. peter mueller says:

    What a fantastic Vermont review, thank you very much, very much appreciated! Living in Germany and it all looks quite very familiar in so many ways. Really taking into consideration having a longer stay in VT!

  9. Jean Ma says:

    I was born in Bennington.. Pownal vt is 5 minutes away from me 20 minutes to Bennington.. I'm in Massachusetts now. I've lived part my life in Vermont its very beautiful the foliage WOW. People line up the roads taking pictures. Country living !!

  10. Marigene says:

    Born and reared in Chester, Vermont, obvious the narrator wasn't a native, with some of the pronunciations, but will forgive you! By the way the "r" is silent in Charlotte!

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