Vilnius Lithuania Travel Guide, Tips, and Free Tours!

Are you traveling to Vilnius soon or do you want to visit Lithuania? Check out my travel vlog and guide to Vilnius Old Town. Find out the best local food to try and …

28 thoughts on “Vilnius Lithuania Travel Guide, Tips, and Free Tours!

  1. Because says:

    All 3 countries are being depopulated. For people who are young now 15-25, these Baltic countries will be great places for buying real estate when they are middle-aged, about 25-30 years from now. It will be dirt cheap.

  2. Joseph Krizauskas says:

    My Grandparents left Vilnius in 1910 to come to America. So did a lot of Lithuanians at that time. I was wondering if I go there, would I be able to trace my family history? Would all the records be lost?

  3. Tomas says:

    Anyone going to Vilnius should try visiting 'Pirmas blynas'. A pancake restaurant in the city center where they have amazing pancakes and hire people with a disability as waiters.

  4. twin turbo says:

    I envy your adventures. I am 71 now and want to take my daughter to Europe for a month or three so I will be watching your channel and listening to any advice you may have thank you

  5. Birgit Nazarian says:

    Thank you for sharing your visit to Vilnius. It looked fun! I like seeing what other people did on their trips. I was in Vilnius last year during a June heatwave. Užupis is so cool, isn’t it? We met locals in shops and around town. Lithuanians were so fun and friendly. And food: roasted potatoes and šaltibarščiai (the pink soup) omg -.that’s a dish I had like 4-5 times there because it was so hot outside and it was not heavy but filling. I made it at home when I got back. All in all, Vilnius is one of the best cities I’ve ever been to.

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