Visit Washington DC Travel Guide 2021 4K

This is a Washington DC Travel guide. We show you around Georgetown, The National Mall, Alexandria, Arlington and the National Harbor. When you visit …

20 thoughts on “Visit Washington DC Travel Guide 2021 4K

  1. Samih Mina says:

    When I went there by bus many years ago from Toronto, I managed to take three bus tours, see The White House, The Arlington Cemetery, The Holocaust Museum, and The Washington Monument as well go in it and I still come back on the same day. The bus took us through Ontario, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and Washington DC. Everything was jammed together.

  2. Zinedine Zethro says:

    I'm from Indonesia and have never traveled to the U.S. (mostly cuz money and goddamn u Visa.). But man, I've been binging your channel the kast few days and i am a MASSIVE fan of your content. You're giving me a glimpse of one of my favorite country on earth in a way that's not just 4K walking with no commentary. It's really cool! Love your vids man and Love all the way from Jakarta! Btw, you Americans need to appreciate your cities more! Many of you complained about this and that and i understand your concern and your argument. But if there's something i get from binging this channel is that, American cities are beautiful.

  3. augustusx82 says:

    I dont think you did that population fact run down that you normally do in this or the Baltimore video ..but for good measure we are about 10 million strong in this dc/Baltimore area…

  4. Kamel Kadri says:

    With all do respect the president doesn't live in the white house a demented old man does a puppet in the hands of Israel selling the country to China brick by brick day by day

  5. Tanea Noble says:

    Great vlog, very informative. Looks like you used public transit and maybe uber/lyft for transportation. How was the pricing on that? It looks very walkable, but not a lot of people walking around. What was your favorite part of your trip? I am going solo to DC soon and am curious about best places to stay, walkability, good restaurants, social life, etc.

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