What NOT to do in ITALY – DON'Ts of Italy [2021 Travel Guide]

In this video, we’ll explore what NOT to do when you’re traveling to Italy, covering everything from the Italian language, food, tipping, how to behave in traffic, …

38 thoughts on “What NOT to do in ITALY – DON'Ts of Italy [2021 Travel Guide]

  1. Helene Giansante says:

    Since I'm not a big fan of water, I skipped Venice and, instead, went to Pompeii. It didn't disappoint. Also, if any readers plan to visit Italy in the future, consider adding Assisi to your itinerary … a small, manageable, clean and adorable town.

  2. Sarah Kz says:

    11:22 Don't trust train schedules in Italy!

    The last time I was in Italy, I was in Perugia and my flight back home was from Rome. I considered 4 hours extra time just in case. The train left Perugia on time but my train to the airport never came! They just said something in Italian and when I asked from their office they said the train will come but there's a problem in the rail system!!! They couldn't even speak English that much! I had to get a taxi to catch my flight on last call. So stressful!!! My Italian friends said later that it's so common in Italy!

  3. Mandii Graham says:

    Great presentation and very good advice . I would just add that there are many (and mostly Nigerian) sidewalk sellers. Easy to recognise as they have items for sale on a blanket. These are counterfeit items as you probably would realised and are illegale and if you get caught buying one you face a hearty fine. These people work in pairs with a scout looking out for the police. They use the blanket so they can quickly grab the booty and run. I have seen this many times.

  4. zamarco says:

    credit cards are generally accepted on average above € 50 simply because unlike the US here the% is paid by the merchant, so in some types of businesses it is accepted.even for smaller figures since the profit that the merchant has can range from 150 to 300% (for example clothing stores or restaurants) other shops in case have an increase of 20/50% (always leven for smaller figures since the profit that the merchant has can range from 150 to 300% (for example clothing stores or restaurants) other shops in case have an increase of 20/50% (always l gross)

  5. Hla A Kari Win says:

    I really want to travel Italy
    Wish I can go there one day
    I happened to search Italy by food
    I really love eating food
    I search in google which country has the delicious food
    It's Italy
    So I happened to search Italy

  6. J F says:

    My tip is to not order an espresso every time you need to use a toilet, you'll end up having a cardiac arrest!! Order "un espresso decaffinato" or alternate with something like water or a soft drink!! Some towns and cities are beginning to install automated toilet cubicles but the "full bladder problem" remains a major difficulty, for the residents too.

  7. Nebs Nwoka says:

    You can order Cappuccino at anytime and any where in Italy. There are many cities night never exists like Rimini, Cesenatico, Riccione, Catholica, Pesaro, Ravenna, Cervia, Sambenedetto, Pescara and many others especially in summer. Even in many towns and cities along Mediterranean sea. These areas bubble and boil 24/7 from May to September.

  8. Albert says:

    I'd like to see a video on visiting Italy for the mobility impaired, addressing renting and parking vehicles, getting around for seniors and others who shudder at the idea of walking down a hill because of the return trip, bottom floor (floor zero) accommodations, and other obstacles that seniors or mobility impaired face.

  9. Carminus says:

    Most of us Americans with Italian ancestry know meatballs is an American-Italian dish. I grew up calling sauce with meatballs, sausage and other meats as Sunday "gravy" but that's a south Philly term. We also did the 7 fishes but that tradition stopped.

    My family traces back to Abruzzo and Sicily. I would love to someday vist where my family came from. I knew why they want to leave, but I am sure leaving such a beautiful and culture filled country to come here (US) wasn't easy.

  10. mirandolina46 says:

    Don't think you can walk around Venice in beachwear, contrary to what some tourists believe, Venice is not a theme park. Don't attempt to dive off bridges in Venice or go for a swim in the canals, you will be HEAVILY FINED and may spend a night in jail.

  11. Mike Furiano says:

    Above all, don't try to imitate us Italians with that way of doing things that want us to look stupid. Let's not talk with that shitty cadence you use when you say: Belissssimo!! Our language is so beautiful that it was not created to speak but to sing. And don't laugh at things that seem strange to you and you don't understand, in Italy everything has an explanation because everything has a tradition. It is no coincidence that while you were still running naked in the forests hunting marmots, we murdered Julius Caesar in the Senate.

  12. paolo f says:

    You should also mention that, out of standard bill in hotels, you will be also charged a local fee (at least in Rome) that, depending on the typology of hotel, ranges around 3/4 EURO per person.

  13. Deep_Blue says:

    Well, there's something right about it, picturing the Italian lifestyle as smoother than in other countries across Europe, but after living in Italy for more than 15 yrs, I can guarantee those people also knows how to party. There are many fun locations with some of the most skilled DJs around in the world, not to mention the fancy places if you want to look for special clubs. You just have to know where they are, that's all. And the food around the whole country is top-notch, no matter if you are looking for a good cheap meal or a very special state of the art. Have fun folks! 😉

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