Why You NEED To Visit Alicante! | 🇪🇸Alicante Travel Guide 🇪🇸

Our Alicante Travel Guide is here! Join us as we explore this historic port city on Spain’s Costa Blanca. At the heart of Alicante is an energy, a culture, …

38 thoughts on “Why You NEED To Visit Alicante! | 🇪🇸Alicante Travel Guide 🇪🇸

  1. Suiciderification says:

    I am SOBBING right now thinking about what cvscam has done to communities dependent on tourism, to people who can't live without traveling and GENERALLY to our livelihoods!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  2. Lucas Giménez says:

    The photo that is shown in the miniature of this video is the Palace of Altamira, located in another city (Elche). People should understand that the monuments of this city don't belong to Alicante. In conclusion, ELCHE IS NOT ALICANTE!

  3. Brian Neale says:

    The water falls are a thing to see I was there the first time nearly 60 years a go and I came back almost 10 years a go there are more amenities now then there was all those years ago and a nice restaurant now too My first time there the weather was very hot not so hot on my second visit to the water falls <which was earlier in the year compared to in July for first time.

  4. Angel MorningStarr says:

    Spent a summer there in '80's as a young teen while between terms and my aunt rented a separate apartment for my cousins and I in Calpe! The buildings are the 2 highrises with the closest pool to the cliffs. Also got alcohol poisoning and to this day the mere mention of Sangria makes me start gagging! It's amazing how much Calpe has grown! I remember getting huge bags of mussles for like a buck straight from the fisherman when they brought their haul in. Word of advice: eat mussles immediately not the next day! Remember being on a car ride through the windy mountain roads after eating day old mussles….yeah, didn't end well for any of us.

  5. kyle orten says:

    I've got another tip when visiting a hot Spanish town: Don't wear a wool hat. Seems obvious, I know. And why you felt the need to be in the middle of every shot also escapes me entirely.

  6. Dan Man says:

    In the mountain of the Ban tribe the great Alexander founded one of the 23 Alexandrias in the world. The name of Alicante comes from Alexander the founder. One of the most beautiful mediterranian landscapes.

  7. Frank G. says:

    I just finished my Alicante holiday. I went to Algar waterfalls TWICE, it was sooo good, the highlight of my holiday. I would have never though about going there, but I did thanks to your video!!

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